Todd A. Williams Born in the small farming community of Central City, Nebraska. Since his childhood he has been aware of the natural beauty of the world around him, an awareness that he continues to cultivate today through the art of painting.

Todd was eager from an early age to pursue art. At a time when most of us leave our crayons behind, he was being accepted and encouraged by his classmates, as an artist. “When I was 7, I took out some colored pencils and a posterboard. There was a poster of a tiger in my bedroom and I remember spreading out on the floor with these pencils, looking up and drawing the tiger. The next Friday I took it to show and tell at school. The other kids and the teacher liked it. I’ll never forget that feeling of acceptance from sharing my experience in color and shape. As children we all love the colors and our crayon expressions. But the reality is that everyone of us is an artist at heart. We just move on to share and express it in other ways.”

After studying painting and illustration at the Kansas City Art Institute, he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Williams went on to be an in-house Senior Artist/Designer for Hallmark Cards and DaySpring Cards for the next ten years.

Today, he excels in his ability to paint all subject matter using spontaneous brushwork and creative virtuosity. Most of the time he can be found painting en plein air. Through this discipline he has found his own recognizable voice, which is now becoming his signature style.