Susan Maurie Grier was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. She also has lived in the Southwest, Arizona and Texas. Susan descends from Scotch, Irish, English and Cherokee ancestry. She feels very connected to her heritage, especially the Native American Cherokee on her paternal grandmother's side.

Inspired by a fellow art enthusiast and friend, Susan started seriously painting in 1998. She began working in oil pastels; but later settled on permanent markers whose vibrant colors and accessibility in various size tips intrigued her. She continues to explore other mediums in creating her paintings.

Her subjects come from her heart and soul and her mind. They are conjured from her readings, personal experience, and travels. Despite being inhibited by blindness in one eye she continues to work in vibrant colors on paper. The works presented here make up a series of paintings depicting strong women. Susan's art makes up a body of work she has entitled, "Stargazer Creations."