Mike Hagel

Mike HagelMike Hagel has been a professional illustrator for over 46 years. His career started in Chicago. Mike spent 24 years working for clients on Michigan Avenue and the Chicago metro area. His commercial work has been for a multitude of American corporations. He has worked on accounts from United Airlines to United States Postal Service.

His portrait work is in a vast number of both corporate and private collections. In the 1970s, while serving as the Vice President of the Artist Guild of Chicago, he helped establish the Midwest chapter of the United States Air Force Art Program: a group of professional artists who work with the United States Air Force to make a graphic record of it’s history.

A number of his original pieces are on permanent display at the Pentagon and at Air Force bases around the world. In 1994 he was commissioned to design and illustrate 5 murals for the President George H. Bush Memorial Library at College Station Texas. His art has been widely known for its realistic treatment.

Bonding 450 USD
Break Time 450 USD
Maybelline 10000 USD
The Shot 150 USD
Work Horse 900 USD