Jeremy Bower

Jeremy Bower was born and raised in New Philadelphia, Ohio. He has been fascinated by weather since elementary school and first attempted photography with his grandfather’s Polaroid camera in the early to mid 1990s. Jeremy obtained hisB.S. degree in meteorology from The Ohio State University. During his undergraduate career, Jeremy would assist with storm chasing tours as a driver and severe weather forecaster for Storm Chasing Adventure Tours from 2002 to 2006. Jeremy’s video of the June 24, 2003, southeast South Dakota Tornado Outbreak was used in a National Geographic program entitled “Into the Tornado”. After graduation from Ohio State in June 2005, Jeremy moved to Lincoln, NE for graduate school studies at the University of Nebraska. It was during this time in Lincoln that his passion grew for photography. He became a lead forecaster for the University of Nebraska’s Vortex Intercept Team from
2006 to 2009. Jeremy also interned as a meteorologist for the Lancaster County (NE) Emergency Management Agency where he provided severe weather briefings for the agency’s staff.

In January 2012, Jeremy and his wife, Chantelli Fulst, created JRBStorm Photography. This endeavor enabled Jeremy and Chantelli to create a platform in which to share their love of photography and weather. The photography and art they create while living on the Plains has been used by The Weather Channel, Emergency Management, and the National Weather Service for educational purposes. Their enthusiasm to integrate science and art has lead them to outreach events across the country.