Jamie Lewis

Jamie LewisJamie Lewis, is from Omaha, Nebraska. His work can be found in our showroom and various locations around Omaha like Baela Rose Restaurant, and also in Lincoln.

Jamie attended North High School in Omaha. After graduating and in pursuit of the Arts, he studied theater earning a BA in Theatre Arts from University of Nebraska at Kearney, an MA in Theatre (Directing) from University of Idaho, Moscow, and a MA in Theatre (Acting) from University of Alabama,Tuscaloosa.

After a short career in Theatre and the Academic world, he became a financial advisor, spanning a 25 year career. After retiring and 35 years of doing watercolor greeting cards, he took up canvases. Abstracts are his favorite, but pets and quirky figures also fill his portfolio. Mythical landscapes of good and evil, and swirling, pounding, pulsing, exploding scenes of the universe abound.

300,000 BC 250 USD
Bouq 375 USD
Bush 250 USD
Diptych 1600 USD
Mouthwash 450 USD
Oh Sad One 175 USD
Ol' Ebby 425 USD
Pied 450 USD
Rouge 800 USD
Spock 450 USD
Strive 450 USD
Teen Angst 450 USD
Teen Frank 250 USD
Thorny 375 USD