J. C. Brown

J. C. Brown has always enjoyed and excelled in art, but it was not until his adulthood that sculpting became a true passion. After a family vacation in the San Juan Islands where he observed otters and whales in their natural habitat, J. C. retuned home to create such pieces as "Breaching to the Heavens," "Friends," and "Mother and Child.". J. C. has studied with several renowned bronze artists. He has exhibited his works at galleries and national shows.

J. C. has chosen to develop two specific studies of bronze sculpture. His "Wildlife Worlds" series depicts the beauty and grace of our fellow creatures on this earth. Our precious interconnectedness with the life and spirit of these endangered species can be seen in their expressions and actions. J. C.'s "Love of Life" series consists of human figurative works portraying the profound joy of simple but universal human interactions and emotions. These pieces are artistic and vivid reminders of the meaning, value and beauty of relationships. J. C. has also been commissioned to complete special subjects and large projects for individual clients.