Heather Ingraham

Heather Ingraham

Heather Ingraham has a true appreciation for wildlife and conservation. When she isn’t photographing wildlife, she is giving back to the Omaha community through volunteer work.

Heather is a volunteer docent and animal ambassador handler for Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. She assists keepers with caring for insects, snakes, birds and rodents. She also gives presentations at the zoo to educate the public about animals and conservation, a critical and growing area of importance for zoos around the world.

Heather is also volunteer transporter and animal care provider with Nebraska wildlife Rehab. On a weekly basis, she transports injured and/or abandoned wildlife. During the winter, she cares for big brown bats in her home until they are ready for hibernation.

Her volunteering has extended to include volunteer work overseas. She has taken care of sloth bears and elephants in India, hippos, lions and rhinos in South Africa and monkeys and parrots in Ecuador.

2018 Plans

Heather will be leaving for the Falkland Islands in February to photograph penguins. One of her life goals is to see and photograph all 18 species of penguins in the world.

In August, Heather will travel to Malawi to help with bat conservation. Malawi has 64 species of bats and Heather will be there to help scientists collect data about the bats. She will also speak to the locals about bats and their role in the environment.