Cody Wheelock, ArtistCody W. Wheelock and his family currently reside in Omaha, Nebraska where Cody is an artist and instructor at Brownell Talbot School, Joslyn Art Museum, and the principle instructor at Omaha Atelier of Fine Art, totaling over seven years of all-ages instruction. Holding a graduate degree from Boston University in art education, Cody specializes in building curriculum and individualizing it to each student. His aim is to connect with each student and ensure a positive experience in the studio. Cody himself is an award-winning artist, exhibiting his work both locally and regionally. His personal work focuses primarily on landscape, figurative subjects, and commissions.

"Deconstructed to the most basic element, my work is about connections. When we feel connected to someone or something, an emotional and sometimes physical relationship is built. Those connections can be powerful and have lasting impact. I find it fascinating that by simply manipulating an oil/pigment mixture into different configurations of light, dark, shapes, patterns, color, etc., one can evoke powerful emotional and aesthetic responses within the viewer. My work is meant to be vague, trying not to capture a specific time or place, but rather letting the viewer make their own associations using previous memories and experiences as their guide.”

Cody is an active artist and teacher. He is the director of The Omaha Atelier of Fine Art, a teaching studio dedicated to passing on the time-honored fundamentals of drawing and painting. His offerings include life drawing sessions, workshops, and the signature Atelier Program; a sequential curriculum inspired by the 19th century art academies of the past. The philosophy of this unique program is to engage students in deliberate practice, allowing them to work at their own pace mastering basic concepts before moving on to more complicated material.

"Our goal is to help artists (or aspiring artists) at any level exceed what they thought was possible and build their skill set to maximize creative expression. No "talent" or experience necessary!"

You can learn more about the Atelier Program and Workshop offerings on Cody's website,