In February, 2017, Regency Parkway Art sponsored an art show featuring a selection of fine artists at the beautiful Jewish Community Center Art Gallery. The gallery and its manager, Lynn Batten, are true gems in the Omaha art scene. The Gallery itself is centrally located in the main building and beautifully lit to highlight the showcase. Lynn was a great help to us as we put together the display and gave us everything we needed to make the opening reception a success.

We are very proud of the artists we represent and the variety of media we have on display, from the wildlife photography of Kent Williams to the abstract acrylics of Jamie Lewis. Items representing our Western Art Collection by Artists Frank McCarthy and Howard Terpning are included as well as bronze sculptures of the works of James Earle Fraser and Frederic Remington.

If you have a passion for cars or wine, you will be amazed at the photorealism of Artists Cheryl Kelley and Thomas Arvid. Both of these artists are world renown for their ability to capture the finest detail in a painting from the brilliant chrome of a car’s bumper to the reflection of the room in a wine glass.

Marc Singer’s beautiful oil paintings, also on display throughout the month of February, are truly beautiful and representative of his travels abroad as well as his local roots here in Nebraska.

Our permanent gallery is in the US Bank Building at 440 Regency Parkway Drive. If you have any questions about the art, please contact me, Kathy David, at 402.319.4074.

Nebraska Artists: Cheri Ginsburg, Cody Wheelock, Tom Kerr, Jamie Lewis, Mike Hagel, Kent Williams, Brittany Deupree, Scott Papek, J. C. Brown, Summer Rose Khalil, Susan Maurie Grier, Hillarie Couture, Heather Ingraham, Todd A. Williams, James Boomgarden, Jeremy Bower, Jake Vest

National Artists:  Thomas Arvid, Cheryl Kelley, Linda Hartough, Shelley Cost,  Aldo Luongo, Howard Terpning, and Frank McCarthy, Ron Lowery, Thomas Mangelsen

Sculptors: Frederic Remington, James Earle Fraser, and Steve Davies, J. C. Brown, Chuck Warden,