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Regency Parkway Art Showroom features the fine art of both locally and internationally known artists. 

Cody Wheelock

Biopic1fleurdelis shopCody W. Wheelock and his family currently reside in Omaha, Nebraska where Cody is an artist and instructor at Brownell Talbot School, Joslyn Art Museum, and the principle instructor at Omaha Atelier of Fine Art, totaling over seven years of all-ages instruction.  Holding a  graduate degree from Boston University in art education, Cody specializes in building curriculum and individualizing it to each student.  His aim is to connect with each student and ensure a positive experience in the studio.  Cody himself is an award-winning artist, exhibiting his work both locally and regionally. His personal work focuses primarily on landscape, figurative subjects, and commissions.

Susan Maurie Grier

fleurdelis shopSusan Maurie Grier was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. She also has lived in the Southwest, Arizona and Texas. Susan descends from Scotch, Irish, English and Cherokee ancestry. She feels very connected to her heritage, especially the Native American Cherokee on her paternal grandmother's side.

Inspired by a fellow art enthusiast and friend, Susan started seriously painting in 1998. She began working in oil pastels; but later settled on permanent markers whose vibrant colors and accessibility in various size tips intrigued her. She continues to explore other mediums in creating her paintings.

Her subjects come from her heart and soul and her mind. They are conjured from her readings, personal experience, and travels. Despite being inhibited by blindness in one eye she continues to work in vibrant colors on paper. The works presented here make up a series of paintings depicting strong women.

Jeremy Bower

jbower profilefleurdelis shopJeremy Bower was born and raised in New Philadelphia, Ohio. He has been fascinated by weather since elementary school and first attempted photography with his grandfather’s Polaroid camera in the early to mid 1990s. Jeremy obtained his  B.S. degree in meteorology from The Ohio State University. During his undergraduate career, Jeremy would assist with storm chasing tours as a driver and severe weather forecaster for Storm Chasing Adventure Tours from 2002 to 2006.

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Ron Lowery

profile ronRon Lowery has his art studio in the sky. fleurdelis shop

Using a plane that he and his son built to satisfy his passion for exploration and creating art, nothing excites him more than discovering and photographing unusual scenes and textures from above.

He has flown at low altitudes over sacred Indian lands photographing herds of grazing buffalo and at thousands of feet above the earth to show the sensuous curves of the rivers revealing America’s raw beauty.

Tom Kerr

tomkerr profileIt was Shane Lopez from the Gallup Organization who summed it up succinctly when he said, “It’s simple, Tom. You’re the storyteller”.

Tom Kerr has spent the better part of 40 professional years observing, listening, painting, writing and drawing to one end: he loves to tell stories. No matter which medium he chooses that’s the end game.

That mission applies directly to his portraits as well his landscapes. “Every face tells a story, and every pose enhances the message. At the end of the day I want the viewer to know something about what they have seen”.

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Cheri Ginsburg

cheri profile small

fleurdelis shop

Cheri Ginsburg is an award-winning pastel and pen & Ink artist and sculptor. Ginsburg's extensive travels throughout North America, Europe, Costa Rica and parts of Africa, as well as her fondness for the American Southwest and her home state of Nebraska, influence her work as she experiments with bringing her interpreted landscapes to life with exquisite color and detail. Her work has been shown regionally, in New York City; Lambertville, New Jersey; San Jose, Costa Rica; she was a featured artist at the Santa Fe Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico 2015 - 2017; and is currently represented by Rich Timmon Gallery in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and by Regency Parkway Fine Art in Omaha, NE.


B J Stych

bjprofile pictfleurdelis shopBJ was born and raised in Eastern Nebraska. She obtained her Bachelors Degree in art from the University of Nebraska. For many years, she and her husband traveled the country participating in art fairs, shows, and exhibits. BJ has achieved awards in various regional and national shows and competitions. In 2005, BJ, her husband and son moved to Custer, South Dakota. She is a signature member of “Artists of the Black Hills.” 

“My early years growing up on the family dairy farm in Eastern Nebraska, provided me with wonderful inspiration. Before I began to paint, I was an artist at heart, deeply admiring the art of the Creator. I have loved art and Him ever since. Painting has become my way of saying “Thank You!” and “Look!” For many years I have expressed that the production of painting comes from an overflow. I would get so joyful and enthusiastic about what I was seeing and feeling that I would just have to share it with someone. Lately I have found that the whole process, from the searching for a scene that would make a good painting, the first stroke to the last is exciting and peaceful at the same time. “Enjoying God’s glories and speaking them out again, we were made for this”, is one of my favorite quotes and pretty much captures what painting is about for me. Although I still work with transparent watercolor, in the last few years I have begun adding colored pencil and now painting mostly on Aquabord as a new surface. Because Aquabord is tough and forgiving, I can scratch, scrape, scribble, and lift color with a freedom I did not have before. I enjoy the editing and problem solving process needed to create various images. Also, a fun difference…the painting can be protected and framed without glass!“

Read about BJ and her journey in this Down Country Roads article. I'm sure you'll be inspired as I was. 

Todd A. Williams


fleurdelis shop

Born in the small farming community of Central City, Nebraska. Since his childhood he has been aware of the natural beauty of the world around him, an awareness that he continues to cultivate today through the art of painting. After studying painting and illustration at the Kansas City Art Institute, he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Williams went on to be an in-house Senior Artist/Designer for Hallmark Cards and DaySpring Cards for the next ten years.


Mike Hagel

mhagel profile sml

fleurdelis shop

Mike Hagel has been a professional illustrator for over 46 years. His career started in Chicago. Mike spent 24 years working for clients on Michigan Avenue and the Chicago metro area. His commercial work has been for a multitude of American corporations. He has worked on accounts from United Airlines to United States Postal Service.

His portrait work is in a vast number of both corporate and private collections. In the 1970s, while serving as the Vice President of the Artist Guild of Chicago, he helped establish the Midwest chapter of the United States Air Force Art Program: a group of professional artists who work with the United States Air Force to make a graphic record of it’s history.


Kent Williams


fleurdelis shopMy abstract photographic and wood sculpture images reflect my unique view and passion for creating extraordinary images from ordinary natural and industrial objects.

My lens finds the beauty in nature's settings from my backyard to the banks of the Niobrara. I wait for that special instance when a butterfly is poised on the edge of a flower or an animal locks eyes with me and we share that brief moment of discovery.

As an industrial designer, I have worked with wood and other products for years, and revel in nature's beauty combined with industrial items.I own my own classic corvette and attend car events weekly, always on the lookout for the next great subject and image. I enjoy the details of the great classics and try to represent them with a unique viewpoint. 


Jake Vest

jvest profile

fleurdelis shop

Jake Vest is a cinematographer and photographer that focuses on lifestyle and adventure documentaries. After first discovering his love for the outdoors, he began to appreciate the challenge of creating meaningful stories in remote locations. Having a strong background in production and post-production work; Vest is a versatile artist with the idea that collaboration is key in the world of storytelling. Whether it is with a production company, an athlete, or your local business; the story is only as strong as the team behind it. 

Image prints and canvases available. Contact us to order in mounting and size preferences.

Bob Mathews

bobinstudio sml

fleurdelis shopBob Mathews is an artist based in Omaha, Nebraska. His formal education includes completion of a Bachelor of Arts (Physiology), granted Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Minnesota and completion of a Doctor of Medicine from Saint Louis University. As an artist, he is largely self-taught; however, Bob has completed art-related course work through the University of Colorado, Hibbing, Minnesota Community College and The Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, NE.

"I am engaged.  I am not, as Robert Henri described, 'A Weekend Painter.'  I get up in the morning thinking about art and go to bed in the evening thinking about the same.  My painting fuels my existence. Oil-on-canvas is my primary medium and continues to be my favorite.  The texture, the smell, the challenge of mixing exactly what I want.  It’s all there. My focus of late is the “Still Life”.  Is there a more time-honored genre?  Each still life has its own separate challenges, and I love it."

"Composition, energy, scale, colors, an interpretation" defines Bob's art.



Cheryl Kelley

Cheryl Kelleyfleurdelis shopCheryl Kelley's photorealistic oil paintings of classic automobiles emphasize the sensuality of the vehicles and reveal their underlying feminine qualities. Each painting showcases a lustrous car, exquisitely detailed and beautiful in its own right. A deeper inspection reveals a more intricate narrative playing in the shadows and reflections of the automotive surface. By exposing the world behind and beyond the vehicle, Cheryl explores the connections and contrasts between them and their surroundings.

 After graduating, Cheryl chose to stay in Houston, where she grew up, building her own home on the outskirts of town and continuing to study at the University of Houston. Artistically, she gravitated toward abstract expressionism. She first painted cars in order to capture the abstract play of light off their curved, reflective surfaces. Quickly she found her artistic voice in photorealism. 

Cheryl is a recipient of a 2012 Pollack Krasner Foundation Grant. She now resides on a farm in Northern California, where she not only paints, but also gardens, raises goats, and sings in a local rock band.


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